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    Avid today released its first iPad app, Avid Scorch. Scorch is based on Avid’s desktop notation software, Sibelius and turns any iPad into an interactive music stand. The app also includes the ability to import, view and modify Sibelius or Sibelius First scores as well.

    If you’ve ever played in an orchestra, you know how difficult it can be to simply turn the page during a performance. Now with Avid Scorch, you can pair your iPad with a Bluetooth footswitch and turn the pages of a score quite easily during a performance. You can also keep an entire catalog of sheet music with you at all times as well.

    Avid Scorch is just loaded with convenient features for every kind of musician. The interface is customizable so you can change fonts and paper textures. This can be quite handy if the lighting conditions are less than optimal when you are playing.

    Using Avid Scorch you can, “transpose the music to play in a key that’s more comfortable for you or your vocalist, change instruments, or convert to and from guitar tab.” You can also, “browse and purchase everything from chart-toppers to classics right within the application.” The Scorch Store currently includes over 150,000 titles to choose from, with prices typically ranging from free to $10. You can even sell your own compositions to other Scorch users as well.

    What if you’ve just written a masterpiece and would like to hear it, but you aren’t sitting in front of an instrument? No problem, simply listen to your score with the included sample instruments. They may not sound as good as a full orchestra, but at least you’ll be able to get a feel for your composition this way.

    Avid Scorch is available now with an introductory price of $4.99, however, the price will go up to $7.99 on July 31.

    Source: Macworld
    2011-06-10 08:51 AM
  2. confucious's Avatar
    I can't read music but my wife can - this will save me downloading and printing out stuff for her!
    2011-06-10 09:34 AM
  3. jrentzke's Avatar
    Very cool Avid! Hopefully this is just the start...Media Composer & Pro Tools in a scaled down version (for editing) would be awesome on the iPad.
    2011-06-10 05:16 PM
  4. unison999's Avatar
    Always had problems with turning the page, but if I am performing I would have already memorized everything. Memorizing everything is better so I can change on the fly to match how the conductor conducts the orchestra. It is a neat little software, worth the $5 to try it out.
    2011-06-10 05:40 PM
  5. bignighttrain's Avatar
    I dont know why Avid dropped the ball on this one. They should of made the flagship ProTools an app that works as a standalone app and works with protools 8/9 it seems to me that the major music companies and Devs don't want us having a real Studio that is small light weight and portable they should take apples GarageBand BeatMaker NanoStudio and create the ultimate music production making app out there. Still waiting Avid.
    2011-06-10 05:51 PM
  6. hughsung's Avatar
    The Avid Scorch Sheet Music App for iPad is compatible with the AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth page turner, enabling users to turn the pages of their Sibelius scores hands free. The AirTurn BT-105 is available with 2 ATFS-2 silent foot switches, designed to be the quietest in the consumer market for demanding musicians and recording artists. Visit Home - AirTurn, Inc. for more info on the AirTurn BT-105 for Avid Scorch.

    2011-06-14 03:49 PM