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    It seems Verizon dwelling Apple folk have had a rough go as of late. Verizon iPhone users are stuck using iOS 4.2.8 with no word from either Verizon or Apple when an update to iOS 4.3.3 will be available. On top of that, they're unable to participate in the iCloud beta.

    But, now it appears a number of would be Verizon iPad 2 owners are having their orders shipped back to China mid-transit. Apple's discussion forums are starting to fill up with complaints like the following:

    7:23 AM - iPad2 on FedEx vehicle for delivery.
    12:49 PM - Delivery Exception (customer not available or business closed).
    ??? Wife home all day, no doorbell or note on door.
    Called FedEx, told that shipper stopped delivery and to call them for details.
    Apple says many cutomers having order problems like this; some "miscommunication" between Apple and FedEx; assured that I will get my order tomorrow.
    Get email from Apple: Shipment Not Delivered; 1st delivery attempt; will make two more delivery attempts.
    6:10 PM - FedEx says package returned to sender (new tracking number).
    Call FedEx, told them that Apple said I would get it tomorrow; FedEx said not likely because it was returned.
    Call Apple; they have no clue. Put on hold three times and disconnected twice. 3rd time told that they know there is a problem, not sure what it is, manager will contact me "shortly." Yeah, right.
    Great customer service, Apple --- NOT!!!
    Waited close to a month for this shipment; wife took off from work to sign for package and waited all day for no delivery. Not even so much as an a phone call to alert us of a problem.
    Let us know if you find anything out. I ordered mine early may and yesterday I was thrilled to see it actually say out for delivery! Then I got the delivery exception. Called fedex and heard the same thing you did. Called Apple and they had no clue why just that it would be delivered tomorrow(today). Called fedex again and they assured me that the package was already on it's way back to it's origin. Now this morning my tracking number reads undeliverable, return to sender. So, my 1-2 weeks turned into 3 to ship and it some how took fedex 2 weeks to get it to my city and now this. I wonder how long it will be before I actually see my iPad.
    Apple user "blakefromdanbury" finally got an email from Apple confirming a "replacement" iPad 2 had been issued on his order:

    Thanks for all the feedback on this issue, I've got more information from this discussion then from Apple. Still love their products though. I just got this email from Apple :

    Dear Apple Customer,
    A replacement iPad 2 has been issued on your order. You will receive the carrier tracking details when your replacement iPad 2 is shipped.
    Please check Order Status for the most up-to-date information regarding your order.
    You can contact a representative at 1-800-MY-APPLE with any questions.
    Apple Online Store
    According to user "bktorres2002" Fedex inists that about 2,000 of their shipments have been recalled. They claim it isn't a computer problem because a person to personal call is necessary to confirm the recalled items. The non-recall right now has delayed orders by as much as a month, with some customers having iPads that saw the foot of their doorsteps sent back because they weren't home.

    The silver lining here is if affected customers call Apple they can either get a refund, or two free accessories for their iPad.

    Apple and Fedex both failed to comment on the issue. Two thousand iPads isn't an incredibly large number, but that was for Fedex alone. It seems odd that a recall would occur to far into the production cycle, but with the recent Foxconn factory explosion, and the problems Apple and others have faced securing the parts necessary to produce some of their products, it definitely seems possible that defective iPads could have made it out into the wild. How Apple has been able to identify the affected orders this early though is a little suspicious.

    Have any Modmyi users had their iPad 2s rerouted back to China mid-shipment recently?

    Source: Apple Discussion Forums [via 9 To 5 Mac]
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    Bad deal for Verizon hope that (Apple-Verizon) relationship don't go sour.
    2011-06-10 04:33 PM
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    Bad deal for Verizon hope that (Apple-Verizon) relationship don't go sour.
    There was never a good relations between Apple and Verizon. Verizon had deep pockets and didn't want to left out of the Apple glory. Also for the comment stating wife home all day but Fedex never came gets old. I work for Fedex and we get this all the time. Next time leave a not with your signature so we can leave it for you.
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