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    According to a study by Blaze Software the top 500 Web sites are catering to Apple's iPad over Android and other tablet offerings.

    The study found that only 16 percent of web pages designed for Android devices are optimized for Android tablets, the rest are optimized for Android phones. This pales in comparison to the 92 percent of web pages optimized for the iPhone that also have an iPad optimized webpage.

    The most basic reason is market-share. A number of articles recently have focused on why there is the iPad and then everyone else in the tablet market. They site the devices being to expensive, inconstancy in marketing, and the buying experience itself. People who want an iPad buy it online, or from an Apple store and the buying experience is straightforward and clear. People walk away knowing why they need or want and iPad. Buying an Android tablet from Best Buy or another big-box retailer isn't nearly as clear.

    As a recent CNET article said, this is why "Apple measures iPad sales in the millions per month, while Motorola measures sales in the thousands."

    The lack of broad support for Android devices is a result of the fracturing of the market. There are a number of offerings of Android tablets that very in size, speed, and even OS version. There are only a handful of iPhone and iPad versions, all with the same capabilities. For the study, only the Nexus S and Motorola XOOM were used to represent the android phones and tablets.

    Until Android tablets represent more of the tablet market, their users will likely have to enjoy a slightly less enjoyable online experience.

    Source: PC World
    2011-06-20 07:26 AM
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    go iPad2!
    2011-06-20 07:38 AM
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    simple fix google and all the other android companies get together and make Android Stores

    simple fix google and all the other android companies get together and open Android Stores
    2011-06-20 08:12 AM
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    Im waiting to hear the part where this is an issue for Android tablets, they can view 99 percent of the webpages out there without breaking a sweat, Asus Transformer smokes the Ipad/2 in every single way.
    2011-06-20 09:02 AM