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    amazon has created a perfect product for a certain demographic. As an iphone owner, why the hell would i ever shell out 500 dollars for a device that does pretty much the same thing? the only advantage was a big screen. now i can have that big screen without paying half a grand for all that other useless crap!
    2011-09-28 10:21 PM
  2. brianiino's Avatar
    How many Android tablets do they have to make to compete with one IOS ipad?
    2011-09-28 11:01 PM
  3. feidhlim1986's Avatar
    Looks very nice and the price tag is fantastic.

    I'm very interested in checking out how it is for reading books.
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    2011-09-28 11:37 PM
  4. iYeow's Avatar
    Price is really good, runs android and plays flash, thinking of getting one too. Ain’t going to do any upgrades on iPhone nor iPad if apple continues to ban flash.
    2011-09-29 12:33 AM
  5. unison999's Avatar
    1. This would not be competing against Android, it is using "highly customized Android OS". What this device do is get people to go with Android if they can prove the device is user friendly.2. This is smaller + lighter + less powerful device than iPad, but I seem to recall people saying the same thing when iPad was compared to a notebook...3. This thing is cheap enough that many people would buy this thing to play around with, hell I am going to buy one just to see what it does. If someone can root this thing like the Nook, more people would play around with it just so they have a cheap tablet.
    2011-09-29 01:14 AM
  6. ChicagoV's Avatar
    Nice little product here. The only things that will keep me from picking one up (THIS version, anyway) are:
    1. No 3G
    2. No SD card slot (particularly with only 8gb storage space onboard)
    3. Slightly larger screen preferable for me

    ...and I bet, as with their previous Kindles, that these options will be available on future versions. If they can do that and still keep the price sub-$350, you'll be drowning in "iPad killer" talk. More accurately, closer to direct competition than "killing" anything. Apple should take note: In reality, for every 10 people I know (and I know dozens out here) with an iPad, 7 of them use it solely for media consumption, games and reading. (yes, even the ones who bring theirs to work or school) This little Kindle speaks directly to that demographic.

    I bet a Kindle Fire 3G (or DX 3G), with SD card support - or 16 and 32GB version - for $249-299 would sell like crazy.
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    2011-09-29 06:21 AM
  7. sziklassy's Avatar
    I'd like to give this thing a test run before passing judegement. That said, I am sure it will have a strong following with custom Android rommers (that's a made up word, I know), so we will get various roms. As long as cyanogen supports it, this may be something I buy. Still waiting for the hp touchpad to get cyanogen support though too!
    2011-09-30 12:12 AM
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    Haha very true about the lawsuit, but it is noticeably smaller at only 7" and shares a ton of physical similarities with the BlackBerry Playbook, a device Apple hasn't attacked yet.
    Apple sues against successful devices, hence, not blackberry playbook.

    How many Android tablets do they have to make to compete with one IOS ipad?
    This is a silly thing to say. We may as well say the same thing about all of the windows laptops and desktops out their versus their OSX counterparts, except that Apple is actually trailing in those regards.
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    2011-09-30 01:22 AM
  9. confucious's Avatar
    Pity it's not going to be available outside the USA.

    I think it will be a success but most of it's Market will come from people that would not have bought an iPad anyway.
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    2011-09-30 02:13 PM
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