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    Tomorrow, as voters head to the polls where regional elections are contested, Apple's iPad will take America's greatest civic duty into a new era - at least in Oregon.

    On Tuesday, voters with disabilities across a handful of counties in Oregon will be able to cast their ballots via Apple's touchscreen tablet. Interestingly enough, Oregon was also the first state in the nation to allow all residents to vote by mail. Now it's time to make history with the iPad.

    Armed with iPads and portable printers, county election workers are going to parks, nursing homes, community centers and anywhere else they might find groups of voters who have trouble filling out traditional paper ballots.
    As we understand it, disabled voters will be able to view their ballot on the iPad and then tap the screen to select a candidate where the names appear. Voters can do this either with or without the assistance of authorized election workers. Voters then print the completed ballot "and stuff it in an envelope to sign, take with them and drop in the mail or an official ballot box."

    Apple reportedly donated five iPads to Oregon for beta-testing of the tablet-voting program. Oregon state government, however, had to spend another $72,000 on the software used to allow the voting. If the new iPad-voting platform works, the government in Oregon may soon adopt the option for statewide application. And we all know that there's a good possibility the country as a whole may soon have the same option during election season.

    According to the AP report, Tuesday's election is a special primary election that will determine exactly who should replace former U.S. Rep. David Wu.

    Source: AP
    2011-11-07 10:45 PM
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    With technology today everyone should be able to do this lol
    2011-11-07 11:05 PM
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    $100 to the first old guy that jailbreaks his voting iPad.
    2011-11-08 12:22 AM
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    Everyone can vote, If they were born here? after the election most will be givin' to their grandkids....
    2011-11-08 05:39 AM