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    Further confirmation is being provided regarding Apple's move to using Sharp as a source of display for the upcoming iPad 3 from a Wall Street Journal report.

    It’s been rumored before that Apple is adding Sharp as one of their screen manufacturers for their next generation iPad. People that are familiar with the situation mentioned that the Cupertino giant moves to diversify component suppliers for its products. According to the WSJ sources, Apple will also be investing in Sharp’s panel manufacturing factories in Japan to ensure that it can get enough supplies for its iOS devices.

    As of right now, Sharp already supplies iPhone panels and it is also said to be supplying panels for the next iPhone as well. It’s been mentioned in several rumors that Sharp will be a new source of iPad screens for Apple. A recent analyst report mentioned that the production of iPad 3 screens was already underway and it included LG, Samsung, and Sharp.

    Another report that was recently released mentioned that Sharp may actually be supplying Apple with specially designed screens for the iPad 3. It mentioned that Apple and Sharp have developed a new technology which allows a thinner higher resolution display for the next iPad. Furthermore, it’s been rumored that Sharp may also be supplying parts for the Apple television sets as well.

    Source: WSJ
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    Interesting as this is, isn't this >>> Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - Apple Reportedly Dropping Samsnung in Favor of Sharp for iPad 3 Displays basically the same story from like a day ago?
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    2011-11-26 07:59 AM
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    Pretty much yes.
    2011-11-26 08:56 AM
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    The news is further confirmation of the report written previously (the article you linked is mentioned within the article above). I've edited the first sentence to reflect that. On that note, it seems to make sense for Apple to switch suppliers for many reasons (rivalry between Samsung being one of them) so I'm glad that they seem to be finally doing so.
    2011-11-26 08:56 AM
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    I don't care who makes it just don't let them bleed! thanks for the confirmation Akshay!
    2011-11-26 07:26 PM
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