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    Already deployed everywhere from airplane cockpits to British grocery store shopping carts, hospitals stand poised as the next frontier for iPads to conquer.

    As it turns out, hospitals - which are always in search of ways to slash costs while improving efficiency - are beginning to use iPads as lobby kiosks. With little more than a floor-mounted stand to prop it up, the iPad is being used as a highly effective, time-saving, and cost reducing method to facilitate patient check-ins.

    One interesting use of the kiosk can be found in the Changi General Hospital in Singapore. The touch-screen kiosk there helps visitors and patients (and possibly new hospital staff) find their way through the facility.
    Although the advent of the hospital lobby iPad kiosk is new, the application of iPads in healthcare is now old hat. Since the first generation tablet was introduced two years ago this month, medical professionals have rapidly adopted the device into myriad facets of patent care.

    For instance, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston currently uses iPads as a means to gather basic patient information before the doctor visits with the patient.

    Source: The Point of Sale News
    2012-01-02 06:29 PM
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    Been in the hospital where I am over a year.
    2012-01-02 06:37 PM
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    Been in the hospital where I am over a year.
    +1 same here
    2012-01-02 07:00 PM
  4. LittleJob's Avatar
    Been in the hospital where I am over a year.
    pshh, real hospitals have ipad 2's..
    2012-01-02 08:16 PM
  5. bblaser68's Avatar
    pshh, real hospitals have ipad 2's..

    OK, lets try this, IRONING (searching) nope, HOUSE WORK (searching) nothing , LAUNDRY (searching) zip ,So much for the slogan "THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT"
    2012-01-02 08:29 PM
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    Why am I not surprised
    2012-01-02 09:43 PM
  7. AfterMercyFM's Avatar
    The guy looks like Eminem when he bleached his hair. Amirite?
    2012-01-03 03:11 AM
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    My tech friend at the hospital i work at said they'll never get ipads in our hospital because Apple will violate HIPAA with all their icloud, backup, nonsense.
    2012-01-03 05:13 AM