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    Apple now accounts for nearly one fifth of all the U.S. revenue in consumer electronics according to NPD’s analysis of 2011 trends in electronics sales. The closest company to Apple is HP in second place, which only generated half as much revenue as Apple during 2011. The results show increasing trends in the consumer electronics landscape. The overall sales revenue for PCs declined by 0.5% year-over-year and the overall share of TV and video game hardware sales also declined year-over-year.

    Out of the top five highest-revenue categories, tablets and mobile phones were the only ones which showed gains in revenue share during 2011. The increase in revenue for mobile phones was pretty small coming in at 0.3% but the tablet sales seemed to exponentially increase with the share of overall revenue doubling when compared to 2010. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of this increase is directly attributed to Apple’s iPad. Amazon’s Kindle probably helped contribute to the revenue increase as well but the iPad remains the dominant force in revenue share in the tablet category.

    Out of the Top 5 consumer electronics manufacturers, Apple is the only one which showed a gain in revenue last year. Apple saw a revenue increase of 36% whereas every other tech giant (Dell, HP, Samsung, and Sony) saw declines. Dell and Sony even went as far as seeing double digit declines. With tablets seeing a large rise in revenue, Apple was the only company who it seemed to effect as tablets made by other manufacturers didn’t seem to gain enough traction in the market. The iPad really is causing a major change in the entire consumer electronics industry.

    Source: NPD

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    2012-02-14 10:15 AM
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    Apple is so taking over the world. lol
    2012-02-14 02:32 PM