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    It looks like we can all rest easier tonight.

    At first it appeared as though Amazon yanked the iPad from its Chinese digital storefront in response to the recent high-profile trademark struggle between Apple and the company in China that claims to be the rightful owner of that particular name.

    As it turns out, however, the tablet wasn't removed from Amazon in response to this legal dispute. Instead, Apple directly reached out to Amazon to request the device's removal.

    The Wall Street Journal said Thursday that Apple pulled the iPad 2 from websites of some unauthorized merchants in China. This includes Inc.'s Chinese site.
    Although Amazon won't comment on the situation, the Chicago Tribune confirmed from Apple today that Amazon is not an authorized reseller of the iPad in China. "The online retailer is only authorized to sell the iPhone and the iPod," the report reads.

    It looks like we can now put this mystery to bed.

    Source: The Chicago Tribune
    2012-02-16 09:52 PM