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    The online education portal, the Khan Academy, just launched an official iPad app. There were previously quite a few unofficial apps in the App Store that allowed you to access content from the portal but there is no longer a need for them anymore.

    The official app provides users access to the organization’s growing 2,700+ educational videos. The lessons range from a subjects including K-12 math and science to history and finance. One of the biggest differences between the official app and the older third-party apps is that users are now able to log in to their Khan Academy account and get credit for watching videos and tracking goals and achievements from within the app. The app also provides fully subtitled videos with the ability to browse by subtitle and an enhanced video scrubber allows users to download videos and playlists for offline viewing.

    The app doesn’t include any of the exercises offered through the Khan Academy to go with the videos but the service does mention promise that they are “coming soon.” According to FastCompany, there is also a feature to sync progress between devices as well. Users who are interested can grab the free Khan Academy app from the App Store.

    Source: Shantanu Sinha (Twitter)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2012-03-13 05:14 AM
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    That's awesome!!! My kids love Khan Academy because of the well explained, interesting videos. Very cool site, glad there's now an official iPad app to go with it!
    2012-03-13 06:52 AM
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    Thanks for the article. I just learnt about Khan Academy through ModMyI. Looks like they have a lot to offer. Will definitely recommend to my kids.
    2012-03-14 03:07 AM