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    If there's a huge group of people standing outside your local Apple store tomorrow... they're in line to buy the new iPad. But if there's a really small group standing near that really big group, it may be protestors. As it turns out, on Thursday night, plans for a labor-related protest were put in the works.

    Tomorrow's protests will be an extension of those sparked recently by Mark Shields who spearheaded a petition drive and international protest to express disapproval of the "poor working conditions" found in the Chinese factories Apple uses to produce its products, like the new iPad.

    "Apple hasn't crossed the finish line yet," Shields said. "New product releases, like the iPad 3 this week, have typically been the most dangerous for workers because of the incredible pressure they are under to meet release production deadlines."

    So far, Shields has enjoyed a considerable amount of success, at least in terms of galvanizing support for his laudable efforts. To date, some 250,000 consumers have signed their names to his petition demanding that Apple step up to the plate and do more to protect the health and well-being of those who make Apple products overseas.

    2012-03-16 03:46 AM
  2. brodimus's Avatar
    I wouldn't say he's "enjoyed success." Getting people to merely sign a petition is no more respectable than those lame Facebook campaigns. Neither changes anything.
    2012-03-16 03:57 AM
  3. sziklassy's Avatar
    What prompted the use of that picture? It has to be nearly ten years old!

    EDIT: Awww it was changed!
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    2012-03-16 04:00 AM
  4. EVO's Avatar
    its just an ipad geez
    2012-03-16 05:00 AM
  5. Silverado1987's Avatar
    Go ahead and sign a petition. But your still not doing anything. Your just an idiot standing outside a couple of apple stores and then some cops will come and tell you to go away and if you don't they WILL take you away. It's just an iPad. Who says that Samsung or HP doesnt have crappy conditions.
    2012-03-16 05:07 AM
  6. vthree's Avatar
    hmmm i don't know if that's a good idea.. GIANT crowd of people excited about the iPad vs. small groups of protestors?
    2012-03-16 05:08 AM
  7. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
    hmmm i don't know if that's a good idea.. GIANT crowd of people excited about the iPad vs. small groups of protestors?
    = March Madness
    El Zurdo
    2012-03-16 05:54 AM
  8. Norb's Avatar
    So why don't they just hang out in front of best buy who sells all the products these factories make.
    2012-03-16 05:59 AM
  9. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
    What these idiots dont understand that working conditions is the same anywhere in China!! Not just Apple but also Samsung and among other companies.
    2012-03-16 06:08 AM
  10. liverjello's Avatar
    What is apple supposed to do? Am I to believe that working conditions at Foxconn are less tolerable than those at any other factory in china? Apple COULD move its factories to USA/Canada but then what happens to all those employees in china that rely on apple for income? Not to mention, what would happen to the price of an iPhone/iPad/etc? I , understand that apple is the big fish and that is why these petitions are directed at them, but nothing is going to, or should change because people are signing them
    2012-03-16 06:31 AM
  11. steve-z17's Avatar
    I bet a bunch of protestors will end up buying the new iPad...plus this Mark Shields guy could really care less about the working conditions, he just wants to get his name out there and his 15 minutes of fame, that's why he targeted Apple. Though he's not really getting fame, more like people laughing at him. We all know working conditions are the same everywhere else if not worse. The people need jobs and these factories give that to them. Yeah it may not be the best but it's better than the conditions they would be living in if they weren't working. If anything the protest will back fire, it's bringing more attention to the iPad launch which will in turn bring more people to the stores to buy Apple products
    2012-03-16 06:40 AM
  12. NerdyGuyJohn's Avatar
    Lol protesters
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    2012-03-16 08:15 AM
  13. 2Jaze's Avatar
    But your still not doing anything. Your just an idiot
    2012-03-16 10:02 AM
  14. bstunt10190's Avatar
    you're an ***hat
    2012-03-16 10:12 AM
  15. subywrex's Avatar
    Do people not understand that it has nothing to do with apple. Foxconn doesnt make just apple product for the love of god.

    I watched the special and there are hundreds of people lined up to he employed there.

    Is it America's fault that they dont have the labor laws we have? No. Its simple. Apple needs x products made, so apple contracts companies to meet this demand, just because a business decides to take on this role has nothin to do with apple.
    2012-03-16 01:49 PM
  16. Ozzie5374's Avatar
    Professional protesters! Bah! Next duck season opening day they all be out there.
    2012-03-16 02:36 PM
  17. Mrteacup's Avatar
    Why would they choose an apple release specifically when they could have done it to any other phone opening etc to troll. They act like only apple pressures there workers...
    2012-03-16 06:40 PM
  18. RoloDiva13's Avatar
    I bet these sharts feel like the 'tards they are now that it's been exposed half the sh!t they protested was a lie.
    2012-03-18 07:06 AM
  19. navinhackz's Avatar
    if u can only afford one ipad good luck . . .
    I m collecting fund for this gadz...
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    2012-03-19 10:47 AM
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