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    Square and PayPal both have mobile payment solutions for retailers, but what about those hosting events?

    Enter Eventbrite’s free “At The Door” app and $10 card reader (they're handing out $10 credits to reimburse purchases like Square). The card reader and accompanying app intend to be a self-service ticketing platform for events “of all sizes.” The app is only available for the iPad, but with the accompanying reader those throwing events essentially have a mobile box office solution. The app can even wirelessly print tickets and receipts with the Star TSP143 printer.

    The card reader connects to the iPad’s 30-pin connector and Eventbrite claims this eliminates the need for multiple swipes, which plague Square users. Eventbrite waves the popular “service charges”, you know the $3 Ticket Master charges you for emailing your ticket. Also, the flat 3% credit processing fee isn’t bad, but it is more than Square or PayPal.

    At The Door operates like any other mobile payment option, with the additional capabilities of adding X amount of Eventbrite tickets to the devices inventory including VIP packages. It appears to be a logical solution for independent event runners.

    However, I’m still a little confused why there isn’t a ticket scanner included in the app via the iPad’s camera. I just want the "service charges" to end. I'll never understand why it should cost me money to save Ticket Master and other ticket sellers money by not printing out a physical ticket. Someone explain all this to me please...

    Source: Eventbrite [via Engadget]
    2012-03-21 07:14 AM
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    Word... Your local "House Party" will never be the SAME...
    Who's in VIP?
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