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    GameFly, the subscription game rental service recently announced that it will begin publishing titles for iOS and Android later this year.

    The service, which has been deemed as the “Netflix for video games” released a press release detailing its plan to create a “game development fund” that will help publish apps from independent mobile developers. According to co-founder Sean Spector, “GameFly is dedicated to giving consumers the best user experience possible, and to be their single destination for console, PC and mobile gaming needs.”

    Developers that are interested in participating in the project can contact GameFly directly for consideration for the fund. The first titles are expected to be published this summer according to their current plans. The company also seems to be working on a GameFly GameStore for Android that will offer “expertly curated” games and daily deals. The storefront will be targeting both smartphones and tablets with a scheduled arrival of this holiday season.

    As of right now, GameFly already has an app for iOS and Android that allows subscribers to manage their game rentals. This announcement comes as further indication of the gaming industry turning its attention to the mobile gaming market. Apple has been successful at making a name for itself in the market as it has even stole profits away from handheld gaming device makers such as Nintendo and Sony and the trend seems to continue with more companies taking initiative in the mobile market.

    Source: GameFly (Press Release)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2012-05-24 11:57 AM
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    I use them and love it. They have pc rental too and osx is still coming soon.
    2012-05-24 12:45 PM
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    Hope it will come out soon
    2012-05-31 01:38 PM