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    As MMi confirmed last month, Apple's third-generation iPad made its long-awaited debut in China today. As expected,the public response was strong, but serenity prevailed inside of the world's largest mobile population in a situation that may have otherwise resulted in chaotic long lines at Apple stores and authorized retail partners across China.

    So how were riots prevented during a major product release in Apple's most promising tablet-hungry market? Ahead of today's release, an online reservation system was deployed as a means for controlling what could have easily become an out-of-control situation.

    "I'm very surprised that there is no line. I thought there was going be a long line so I came over a bit earlier to pick it up," Sun Xufei, a local Chinese iPad buyer, tells Reuters. But despite the calm scene, buying strength was said to be outrageous and supplies are expected to go fast.

    With Apple having just two retail stores in Beijing and three in Shanghai, a reservation-style approach to distribute the new iPads was critical to today's successful product launch. The same approach will likely be used in China when the next Apple iPhone drops, even as Apple plans to open two additional stores in Chengdu and Shenzhen in the coming months.

    Source: Reuters
    2012-07-20 06:32 PM
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    Hopefully no one gets trampled. May be an app for that :]
    2012-07-20 07:13 PM
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    what in God's name is an iPad 3?
    2012-07-20 07:51 PM
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    what in God's name is an iPad 3?
    Yea, the title should of read "The new iPad makes debut in China," or something similar. This is MMi so it's 8th hand reporting. Don't worry about.
    2012-07-20 07:59 PM