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    With more evidence mounting by the day that Apple is about to introduce a so-called iPad Mini, we're starting to learn the names of potential suppliers for critical components for the device - namely the display screens that the iPad Mini will require.

    Based on the latest inside information available, the pint-sized tablet will pack a 7.85-inch display. The screens will be manufactured by the folks at AU Optronics Corp. and LG Display Co. As of Friday, these are the two suppliers Apple is working with ahead of the iPad mini launch.

    "Offering a smaller tablet may help Apple hold onto share of a market it dominates in the face of new devices from Amazon.com Inc. and Microsoft Corp," Bloomberg reported, noting that the orders will mark the first time AUO will supply screens for Apple handheld devices.

    As Phillip Swanson reported on MMi last weekend, Apple is allegedly planning an October media event to announce the iPad Mini. If so, the product unveiling will come just a few short weeks after the new 6th generation iPhone is expected to reach consumers.

    Source: Bloomberg
    2012-08-31 06:28 PM
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    Do the reveal in sept or a least a hint to give us something to be excited about!
    2012-08-31 08:00 PM
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    How do you have a media event for a smaller iPad.

    Tim Cook: It does the same thing as the other one, only smaller.
    Audience : Cheers for 10 straight minutes.
    Tim Cook: Good night and drive safe.
    2012-09-01 01:15 PM