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    2012-09-02 02:20 AM
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    i think apple will smash samsung in this product
    2012-09-02 03:28 PM
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    Apple needs to cram at least a gigabyte of RAM into this thing. I'm getting real tired of always running out.
    2012-09-02 08:35 PM
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    So who is copying who now. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is supposed to be the thinnest and lightest tablet on the market so if Apple are saying they will make a thinner tablet then they are copying Samsung.

    How about Apple just stick to 10 inch tablets instead of copying Android tablets. I bet when they do release the iPad mini they will sue Samsung for having a same size tablet even that Samsung were the first to have them that small.
    Shut up, please, none of your posts show any least sense about being reasonable or logical.
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    2012-09-04 02:21 AM
  5. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
    Ha, your facts are almost just as baffling. Apple did not create the tablet market, they just enlarged it.
    When did I say that they created the tablet market? I said they created the iPad. The market is booming because of the iPad. That's a fact.
    2012-09-09 07:04 AM
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