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    Developer, designer, and previous ModMyi staff writer, Joshua Tucker introduced a number of tweaks recently at JailbreakCon along with explaining his approach to design and talking about past jailbreak tweaks. One of the recently announced tweaks he worked on with iOS developer Kyle Howells is called Emblem, which is a complete redesign of iOS push notifications on the iPad. The tweak can best be described as a slick way to be notified of events with an inspiration from the Mac OS X for your iPad.

    Instead of iPhone-like banners, Emblem introduces OS X-like banners with intuitive gestures and message handling. The description of the tweak reads the following:

    Emblem brings OS X-inspired notifications to the iPad. With gorgeous animations and native design, Emblem provides a whole new notification experience.

    Dismiss notifications by holding and dragging them off screen. If four or more notifications from the same application appear on screen, they will intuitively stack into one banner, allowing you swipe through to view each notification individually. Emblem also offers a tutorial to help walk you through how each feature of the new system works. Assign the tutorial to an Activator method to launch.

    No settings or options to configure.
    As you can see in the screenshots, incoming notifications appear as banners on the top right corner of the screen with Emblem. A group of notifications can be stacked and scrolled through with ease in one banner cell and you can select to either close a notification before it queues in Apple’s Notification center as well, allowing you to get dismiss notifications on the fly and prevent them from hoarding up in the Notification Center.

    For those of you who are interested in purchasing Emblem, you’ll learn more about the tweak in person as you get to play with it. You’ll have to be running on a jailbroken version of iOS 5 or higher on your iPad to have compatibility for the app. It should also be pointed out that Emblem includes a very well narrated tutorial by none other than Siri, so when you purchase the tweak, you can learn how to use it right away. Emblem is now available on Cydia for $1.99 for those of you who want to purchase it.
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    2012-09-30 11:41 AM
  2. louee6's Avatar
    Just wasted my money and of course this PAID tweak won't install!! Who do we talk to for our money to be refunded?
    2012-10-01 12:04 AM
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    Just wasted my money and of course this PAID tweak won't install!! Who do we talk to for our money to be refunded?
    It installed for me. iPad on 5.1.1
    2012-10-01 12:41 AM
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    @Number1, would you know why I'm getting this error? I'm running 5.1 on my iPad 2. I tried to exit and restart cydia and nothing, I even power cycled my iPad a couple times!! I don't know whats up...
    Behind every successful man is a surprised woman
    2012-10-01 04:11 AM
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    Just wasted my money and of course this PAID tweak won't install!! Who do we talk to for our money to be refunded?

    it also installed for me, im on ios 5.0.1 on my ipad 2 (Never updating for fear of losing siri functionality)
    what version are you on?
    2012-10-01 06:24 AM
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    Try refreshing Cydia? If that still doesn't clear it I can send you the .deb file itself (without any dependancies set).
    2012-10-01 09:01 PM
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    Freerunnering, I've tried everything and jut can't get it to install. Can you please send me the .deb file and instructions what to do with it if you kindly don't mind, thanks!!
    2012-10-03 06:02 AM