1. edoutmax's Avatar
    It's called technology. Do you know how many people would have purchased there iPad 1 month before a new one came out next year?

    What would be shafting customers is not supplying a product with current capable hardware.

    So don't really see how product evolution is shafting customers. Look at how many android devices come out In a year.

    Besides its not like they gave the 4th gen any special capabilities that would be limited on the 3rd gen (well atleast yet lol)

    Yeah I purchased a 3rd gen iPad. And yes it sucks that less than 6 months I already have a DC'd product. But same can be said about my sandy bridge processor. Saved up for that just to have ivy bridge come out months later

    Point is that when you buy anew product. A newer one is already being made.
    in a year is fine but not in 6 months. all apple is doing is just refreshing their current products with few improvements. apple can do better with the current capable hardware, but they are not.
    2012-10-29 09:17 PM
  2. tedcairns's Avatar
    Just wondering if Apple's desire to provide good product for their customers is becoming overshadowed by their desire to see their stock price increase.

    I am sure when they released the iPad 3 they already knew about the iPad 4 coming out in just 6 months.

    It might have served their faithful customers better to forget the IPad 3 and just wait until the iPad 4 was ready to ship.

    I for one now have an iPad 3 and am not ready to upgrade yet and feel a bit betrayed especially when I have been an Apple fan for so long and photography is my passion.

    Will have to think about this before I buy another iPad.
    2012-10-29 09:31 PM
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