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    As Michael Corleone from The Godfather III famously observed: "Just when I thought that I was out, they pull me back in!"

    Such an observation could also be made about the Apple/iOS ecosystem. As studies have previously confirmed, the Apple ecosystem is difficult to escape with its addictive products and intoxicating high-end culture. Needless to say, Apple loves nothing more than to rope in newbies. And that's probably why the company is so excited about the iPad mini.

    According to the latest research, Apple's iPad mini is the first Apple product thousands of people have ever purchased. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says that while iPad mini sales are cannibalizing a degree of regular-size iPad sales, the gains still far outweigh the losses. To make her argument, Huberty points to a new study showing that nearly half of all iPad mini buyers are new to the Apple ecosystem.

    All told, 47% of iPad mini purchases are to new customers, she says, which is "only slightly lower than the 56% for the larger iPads, suggesting manageable cannibalization risk." What's more, Apple tablets of all sizes are hot commodities this holiday shopping season. "Tablets are the No. 1 gift idea in consumer electronics this year," Huberty adds, "edging out e-readers. Apple ranks highest among vendors at 38%, up from 34% last year."

    Source: Fortune
    2012-12-17 08:21 PM
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    I honestly had no desire for an iPad Mini. Well, I bought one for my wife for christmas because she really wants one. I have been playing with it while she is at work, setting it up, all that good stuff, so I can give it to her ready to go on Christmas morning. Well, I can now say that it not having retina, or a newer processor, it is still an amazing little device! In fact, I think I want to purchase another for myself. I truly enjoy the form factor 100%. The size, the weight, everything about it is to be desired for. I truly believe the next Gen will be a show stopper. As much as I never thought I would admit it, the Mini is def a major player. It is an awesome little device!
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    2012-12-17 09:17 PM
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    If someone could make the Mini into a Phone to replace my i5 I would get one too!! No other reason with an iPad and iPhone, no need...
    2012-12-17 09:39 PM
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    If someone could make the Mini into a Phone to replace my i5 I would get one too!! No other reason with an iPad and iPhone, no need...
    I agree. Ever since I have been playing with the Mini, I have been seriously considering the Note2. I dont want Android, but I would love that screen combo, with phone capabilities.
    2012-12-17 09:53 PM
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    @mustard05: I understand you 100%! Ever since the original iPad came out I felt like I had no need/use for it plus I found it to be wayyy to big. When they announced the iPad Mini I thought to myself, hmmm... smaller form factor yet all the goodies? Let me try it... And needless to say I'm going to buy one for myself before Xmas.

    For me, it's smaller form factor is what made the most difference (more portable). Now, with my new line of duties at work, I could sure make good use of an iPad mini... So... as an iPhone 2G, iPhone 4G, MacBook Pro owner... I'll soon be adding the iPad Mini to my collection

    27" iMac & iPhone 5 are on the list for 2013!
    2012-12-17 11:11 PM
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    I LOVE the mini! Fits in my back jeans pocket(when I need it to) fits in my inside sportjacket pocket. So I can have it with me all the time. I enjoyed my ipad but i would not have it with me all the time because of its size. I dont play games but I use it for email webbrowsing, note taking and charting. I check my schedule make appts and get a lot of work done on it. I still need my Macbook for the hardcore stuff but find myself using the mini more and more. Might get a bluetooth keyboard for it to see how that goes! Oh and no need for a data plan I just tether to my iphone as needed!
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    2012-12-20 04:28 AM
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    A keyboard takes it to far LOL. At that point just get an air. I mean, I am all about a small tablet that fits in my pocket, but not a small tablet that I would use a keyboard with. To each his own.
    2012-12-20 04:39 AM