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    Popular business magazine Forbes seems to have followed the path of other large publications and made its way into Apple’s Newsstand app. The move marks the first time that the magazine has been natively available on the iOS platform. Previously Forbes made apps on the App Store such as Forbes Photos & Videos and Forbes lists, however, didn’t provide the magazine itself.

    The new Forbes Newsstand app is only available on the iPad and can be purchased either individually or through subscription. Users are given the option to either purchase a single issue for $5.99 or get a substantially discounted price by signing up for a $2.99 monthly subscription or a $29.99 yearly subscription. For those of you who subscribe to the physical version of the magazine, you can pay an extra $10 to have access to the new digital version as well.

    Forbes’ decision to come to Newsstand contributes to the growing popularity of magazines on tablets. Previously The Wall Street Journal released its Newsstand app and before that, the Time Magazine joined in on the trend. iPad users who are interested in the Forbes magazine can go download the new Forbes app and get the most recent issue free of charge for a limited time.

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    2013-01-05 10:00 PM
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    Newsstand is only good for respringing my ip5! LOL!
    2013-01-05 10:24 PM
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    I used to subscribe to Forbes (in print) but its content isn't much better than stuff you can get free elsewhere on the internet. Sometimes the articles actually seem like they're advertorials for listed companies. I still recall when Forbes touted Tyco all those years ago...

    Bloomberg Businessweek+ is better but, for my money, the best Newsstand subscription that you can get is one for The Economist.
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    2013-01-06 02:18 PM