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    High-end automobile maker BMW has announced plans to equip company staffers with iPad minis on the showroom floor. It's all part of an effort to use the latest in cutting-edge technology to help engage with customers in the market for a luxury vehicle.

    In a move that was clearly inspired by Apple's Genius Bar, BMW will begin hiring "young, tech-savvy employees" to handle BMW-related questions on site. According to details learned by Advertising Age, the "BMW Genius Everywhere" program will launch in about a year from now.

    A new fleet of specially trained, iPad mini-equipped employees will serve as roving showroom BMW "geniuses" capable of informing shoppers about vehicles, models, features, prices, and more. But, the automobile company says, these staffers will not be sales reps. In other words, shoppers won't feel any pressure from the "geniuses."

    So if you're looking for a job in the U.S., we're told that for the pilot, BMW is looking for "smart, car-savvy" college students "who want flexible hours to work in our dealerships as a local source of Genius labor."

    For now, other details are yet to be set in stone, but every BMW dealership will be required to have a "Genius."

    Source: AdAge
    2013-02-11 06:07 PM