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    The Australian air carrier, Qantas, has announced that it will be handing out Apple’s iPad to passengers on flights, giving them access to over 200 hours of movies, music, and television while in the air. As of right now, the in-flight amenities are for all classes flying between Sydney and Honolulu on their 767 aircrafts. The devices are said to be integrated with Q streaming, which is the company’s in-flight entertainment system, allowing them to tap into the plane’s onboard Wi-Fi.

    Passengers initially have access to movies, music, and television shows. Subsequent updates will see interactive games, digital newspapers, magazines and travel and business apps added to the service. The new iPads come as Qantas works to upgrade the experience on its flights. Its 767 aircrafts have been refurbished with new carpeting, lighting, curtains and cabin dividers as well as leather seat covers in business class.

    For those of you who didn’t know, Qantas began testing the iPad as an in-flight entertainment option in 2011 on a single aircraft. As Apple’s iPad and iPhone become increasingly popular as in-flight entertainment options, the move to extending the option to multiple aircrafts doesn’t come as a surprise. Hopefully other airlines see this move and hop on the bandwagon.

    Source: Hindustan Times

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    2013-03-13 02:25 AM
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    Now if was still alive...
    2013-03-13 04:15 AM
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    I can see people try to walk off with one
    2013-03-13 01:30 PM