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    As we all know, Google announced last month that the Google Reader RSS service will shut down on July 1, 2013 due to a decline in service. Hundreds of apps that rely on Google Reader will definitely have to find an alternative or revoke an app if there are no alternatives. So what will all the users do when it closes down this summer?

    Silvio Rizzi, a developer for popular app Reeder, is making his RSS app available for free on the Mac and iPad. In an announcement earlier today, Rizzi stated that Reeder is still in the process to work around the Google Reader shutdown.

    Reeder is already available on the iPhone and version 3.1 will be available soon- Rizzi stated in the announcement that "the plan is to add more services you can choose from in the next weeks and months." As for the iPad and Mac, version 2.0 is in the works and according to Rizzi, will be available in upcoming months. The new version is expected to include features the iPhone already has, but until then, will be free on the Mac and iPad.

    If you plan on getting Reeder or have been wanting to get it on your Mac or iPad, take advantage now as no one knows how long this promotion will last.

    Source: Reeder

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    2013-04-02 06:45 AM
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    Reeder was good until I met Feedly
    2013-04-02 07:42 AM
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    Reeder, the popular RSS feed reader for iPhone, iPad and Mac, is now free to download from the iTunes and Mac App Store. The price drop is valid for the iPad and Mac versions only, which previously sold for $4.99 each. The iPhone version of Reeder remains paid, and can be downloaded for iTunes for $2.99.

    Reeder currently requires a Google Reader account in order to work, and as we all know, the service will be discontinued on July 1st. So will Reeder stay relevant after Google Reader’s demise? According to Reeder’s developer Silvio Rizzi, he will continue to support all versions of the application even after Google Reader is no more.
    2013-04-08 02:37 PM