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    Financial professionals seem to be increasingly turning to mobile devices like Apple’s iPad to get information on markets, with popular reporting firm Bloomberg saying the number of mobile subscribers for its recently updated app has doubled in the past three years. Bloomberg Anywhere Mobile Chief, John Waanders, noted that mobile devices are becoming more and more the standard for how financial professionals that depend on Bloomberg for accessing their information. In particular, Apple’s iPad is growing in popularity among Bloomberg subscribers. Waanders wrote the following:

    We have seen — over the past three years — the number of subscribers accessing our platform on a mobile device double and more than half access the platform via multiple devices.
    According to paidContent, a bit over 10% of Bloomberg’s global 313,000 subscribers are using the company’s iPad app. Waanders says that traders are coming to seek out the “lean back experience” associated with tablet use. In the past, Bloomberg subscribers accessed the company’s real-time information on hardware terminals known as Bloomberg boxes. Now, roughly two-thirds of the firm’s customers take advantage of the wider Bloomberg Anywhere service, which allows them to log in to the $20,000/year service through different devices with the help of a portable fingerprint reader.

    Seems like Apple is continuing to successfully make establishments in a variety of different markets – something the company had been aiming to do from the start.

    Source: Bloomberg (blog)

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    2013-04-16 08:17 PM