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    Netflix recently updated its iOS app with some features that is likely to please many TV aficionados out there. The main feature that was updated was a post-play feature which immediately starts the beginning of a new TV episode once a user finishes watching the previous one. For those of you who enjoy watching TV show series back-to-back, only you can appreciate the said change here. You’ll definitely have to be careful though if you’re watching an addictive series though as you may find yourself binging on your favorite TV shows.

    In terms of movies, Netflix also took a few steps to keep you involved in the Netflix movie offerings by adding an additional recommendations list. At the end of each movie, the updated Netflix app will now display three movie recommendations for a viewer to choose from, obviously in hopes of you staying interested and watching more – maybe even finding additional movies you actually enjoy.

    Last but not least, the Netflix update added enhanced second-screen options for those of you who like additional info and browsing options while watching something on TV.

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    2013-05-11 01:12 AM