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    The video-on-demand service, Vudu, recently rolled out a major update to its Vudu Player iOS app. The update grants users the ability to download movies and TV shows directly onto an Apple device for offline viewing. To be more specific, with Vudu Player version 2.0, both iPad and iPhone users can purchase and download Vudu and Ultraviolet content straight to their devices, negating the need for an Internet connection.

    While the Vudu for iOS update comes several months after an Android version gave users access to digital downloads, the Apple-specific version allows for tablet viewing. Tablet-viewing is a feature that is noticeably absent from the iteration made for Google’s mobile platform. Alongside offline viewing, Vudu Player now also supports closed captioning for the iPhone and the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Those of you who are interested in download Vudu Player for iOS can download the 5.3MB app for free from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes

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    2013-05-22 08:33 AM