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    Notwithstanding the onslaught of competitors from across the contemporary tablet space, Apple's iPad remains the dominant device for eCommerce.

    Monetate, a company that describes itself as a customer experience engine that leverages big data to create personalized online experiences, just released its latest Ecommerce Quarterly (EQ1 2013) report, which takes a deep look at social commerce trends.

    The report also examines the growing importance of tablets and smartphones in ecommerce. Not surprisingly, Apple's iPad is still the top dog. In fact, close to 9 out of every 10 tablets that connect to an eCommerce site is an iPad. Even more important for retailers to understand is that iPad owners spend more when shopping online than their Android counterparts.

    All told, tablets and smartphones claimed 21.02 percent of ecommerce-related traffic in the quarter, compared to just 2 percent two years ago. Tablets, however, led smartphones (10.44 percent) in ecommerce traffic.

    Source: Monetate
    2013-05-22 08:50 PM
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    Because many android tablets don't have a good browser to use to do online shopping.
    2013-05-22 08:53 PM
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    It's an Apple world.
    It is Not by our Hands that things Change, BUT rather our Interventions that change ourselves.

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    2013-05-22 11:14 PM