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    Seems like there is more bad news for Microsoft’s Windows 8 as Asus, which is one of the few PC makers to experience any growth last year, is now lowering its forecasts for June quarter PC and tablet sales in the face of slack demand for computers with the appearance of Windows Phone. Both Gartner and IDC both rank Taiwan’s Asus as the fifth largest PC maker globally (since neither group counts iPad sales). However, Asus’ growth streak from last year came to a halt with the rest of the industry in the first quarter of 2013.

    After warning investors in early May that it expected to ship fewer notebooks and tablets in the June quarter (citing 4.8 million notebooks and 2.8 million tablets), the company has now revised its estimates again, cutting its shipment expectations for both categories by 10% over the previous quarter .A recently report by Focus Taiwan says that Asus now plans to sell 4.23 million notebooks and 2.7 million tablets.

    Asus previously climbed to the spotlight in 2007 when it released the Eee PC netbook line. In 2010, it spun off Pegatron (one of Apple’s manufacturers) just as the iPad began selling in quantities that destroyed the demand for notebooks. Asus chairman Jonney Shih, who apparently styles himself as a sort of Steve Jobs, initially launched a hybrid “Padfone” which had an oddly dramatic unveiling in 2011. When sales for the device didn’t exactly catch on along with the rest of the PC market, the company turned to Microsoft’s Windows 8 to boost sales of PCs and tablets. In addition to Windows 8 PCs, which seemed to have failed to take the market by storm, Asus also makes the Nexus 7 tablet for Google. To cover all the bases, Asus recently announced its “Transformer Book Trio,” which pairs a Windows 8 notebook with an 11.6 inch display that doubles as an Android tablet.

    Consumers voting with their actual dollars have sided with the iPads despite a number of mixed reports about the device in comparison to the Nexus 7. In November, Apple sold 3 million new iPad 4 and iPad mini units in its first weekend of sales and last quarter, Apple sold 19.5 million iPads in its March quarter, up dramatically from 11.8 million in the same quarter from last year.

    Source: Engadget, Focus Taiwan

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    2013-06-18 11:34 AM