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    Roughly eight months after the debut of Apple’s iPad mini in the United States, Brazilian Apple fans can get their hands on the tablet, as it has finally been announced for release in that country. The iPad mini will go on sale in Brazil on Tuesday, June 25. According to Macworld Brasil, the tablet will be showing up at retailers such as FNAC, Fast Shop, and Saraiva. The Brazilian pricing for the device has yet to be revealed though.

    As one of the world’s largest developing economies, the Brazilian market is an important one to Apple. The company actually manufactures some of its iPhones in Brazil thanks to the operations of its longtime partner, Foxconn. As Brazil’s economy has yet to mature, Apple has had to tailor its pricing strategy to make its devices affordable for Brazilian consumers.

    Earlier in the year, Apple cut the prices on iPhone 4 and 4S prices in the country by up to 25%. Aggressive pricing in domestic markets has worked well before Apple, as the iPad mini debuted to insatiable demand in China last year. The release of the device in the region should definitely help increase the company’s sales going forward.

    Source: Macworld Brasil

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    2013-06-22 12:34 PM
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    Just in time to watch the Confederations Cup on your iPad mini for Brazil.
    2013-06-22 10:58 PM
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    the Ipad Mini are made in Brazil since 4 months ago....
    2013-06-23 03:53 PM