1. slim.jim's Avatar
    I use mine everyday. My laptop is now tucked under my tv stand and only comes out when I have to sync the bloody iPhone or iPad.

    I actually bought an iPad instead of a MacBook Air. It does what I need for work (web and database developer) if I really have a lot of work to do I have my Mac Pro for more power. But when I am on the go the iPad is perfect. I got the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case and it's greatly increased my productivity on the iPad. I also feel more comfortable with my twin 18mo old daughters playing with the iPad in a kid case.
    2013-07-21 09:29 PM
  2. Anonymous's Avatar
    The comments here are just terrible.
    2013-07-21 10:41 PM
  3. SawyerBenjamin's Avatar
    An external keyboard is just more crap to worry/carry about. I like my iPad because it has a touch screen keyboard big enough for my fat fingers and I no longer have to carry around a heavy-*** laptop. If I need to type a long document I do it on a desktop or laptop at home, like most sane people.
    False. Microsoft has announced free keyboards along with Surface RT.

    And why does MMI always post about other companies? I dont even get why people care. Lol. On the A they dont post other companies ads at all. They keep it solely Android and Windows Phone. Lol. End of rant.
    2013-07-22 01:32 AM
  4. bigboyz's Avatar
    Here we go again with speculation and opinions. These stories seem to get the most hits. Buy what you like..NEXT.
    2013-07-23 04:55 PM
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