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    As MMi reported in June, the Los Angeles school board recently authorized a $30-million-dollar deal with Apple to procure iPads for students.

    The goal, the school board said at the time, is to provide every student with an iPad in the nation's second-largest school system.

    This week, new details regarding the program merged when confirmation was made that the program will begin this forthcoming school year. An estimated 31,000 students at approximately 50 schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District will receive their iPads in the coming months.

    By the start of the 2014 school year, the district is aiming to have 640,000 students equipped with iPad across 1,124 K-12 schools.

    Electronic textbooks for this particular initiative will be provided by leading education publisher Pearson.

    "The most important thing is to try to prepare the kids for the technology they are going to face when they are going to graduate," says Mark Hovatter, the chief facilities executive for the LAUSD. "This is phase one, a mix of high school, middle school, and elementary students. We're targeting kids who most likely don't have their own computers or laptops or iPads. Their only exposure to computers now is going to be in their schools."

    Source: CiteWorld
    2013-07-26 07:47 PM
  2. Carvensno's Avatar
    My question is? Do they get to keep these or just use them? And who's responsible for them?
    2013-07-26 08:43 PM
  3. bigboyz's Avatar
    Im definitely going to be watching CL in LA when they do. iPad for sale $200obo. Wonder how they will stop/combat loss, stolen and sold iPads? I think its a great idea but crime is still here. Hope it ends well.
    2013-07-26 09:10 PM
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    My question is? Do they get to keep these or just use them? And who's responsible for them?
    I'm pretty sure it's just to use them and I'm sure for college some you can rent to own
    2013-07-26 10:58 PM
  5. zrevai's Avatar
    It says Apple is going to produce them for the LAUSD so maybe they will be slightly different and have more security.

    Besides once iOS 7 is released all iDevices will be locked to an Apple ID so you can't reactivate it without the Apple ID and password doesn't matter if it's been restored either the Hardware ID (UDID) is tied to an Apple ID so the school might register them all under a School controlled ID and let students use their own Apple ID for iCloud and iTunes Purchases or they will have a restriction profile installed. So many ways to prevent theft and a new one as soon as iOS 7 rolls out, which sounds like its before this School Program gets implemented anyway.
    2013-07-27 09:39 AM