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    Apple has enjoyed a commanding lead over the worldwide PC market in units shipped during the second quarter of 2013 with its iPad but second place, Lenovo, seems to be gaining some ground on strong tablet shipment growth. According to market research firm Canalys, tablets in its PC shipment estimates point toward Apple owning a 17.1% share of the PC market in quarter two with 18.6 million units shipped. That being said, Apple saw a negative growth of 11.5% from the same period in 2012, which resulted in an over two point drop in marketshare.

    Lenovo on the other hand is slowly beginning to creep up on Apple with 14.1 million units shipped, good for 12.9% of the market. Units shipped was up 7.3% from the year ago quarter. In addition to gaining share in the notebook and desktop categories, Lenovo was able to also grow in tablets. According to Canalys analyst James Wang:

    It is striking how successful it has been in globalizing its PC business and breaking the 1 million unit barrier is an important milestone for its tablet shipments. Lenovo is on an upward curve with its tablets, expanding in mainland China and Latin America, where there is little competition from the likes of Google or Amazon.
    Trailing behind both Apple and Lenovo was HP with its revamped tablet strategy. The company managed to regain the third position from Samsung on 12.7 million units shipped for an 11.6% share of the market. Samsung came in fourth with 10.8 million units for 9.9% of the market, while Dell ended the top five with 9.5 million shipments and an 8.7% marketshare. Overall, the PC market grew slightly year-over-year at a rate of 0.3% with just over 109 million total shipments.

    Although the shipment growth rate for Apple’s iPad may have slipped, the company is still seen as the one which earns the most profits from its tablet sales. The continued profitability of the iPad is crucial to Apple, especially considering that Mac shipments only accounted for 20% of the company’s PC shipments for the second quarter (a number which is usually much higher).

    Source: Canalys via AppleInsider

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    2013-08-07 10:14 AM
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    This is total crap as the iPad is NOT a PC so remove all iPads from that list and watch Apple drop.
    If they think iPads should be in that list then add Androids and again watch Apple drop.
    If iPads are in that list of PCs then also add Nintendo 3DS and PS Vitas and Android tablets and Kindles, Kobos, etc.

    And 80% of apps in the AppStore are paid apps. 80% of apps in Google Play are free so who rips off the consumer and makes a higher profit? Its obvious.
    2013-08-07 05:37 PM
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    The day I can print from ANY printer on my iPad, I will consider it a PC, As of right now? NOPE!
    2013-08-08 05:41 AM