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    While several iPhone and iPad rumors continue to float, Bloomberg seems to be reporting that Apple will be launching a Retina iPad mini and a slimmed down full-size iPad by the end of 2013. The publication cites people familiar with Apple’s plans as saying that the company will not only debut a redesigned 9.7-inch iPad in the fourth quarter but is also looking to release a widely anticipated iPad mini with Retina display before the year is over. One thing that wasn’t mentioned was whether the models will launch simultaneously.

    Bloomberg’s source mentioned what several reports continue to reaffirm – that the next-gen iPad will likely take design cues from the current iPad mini, including a thinner side bezel and rounded corners. For those of you who have been keeping on top of news, you probably already know that there have been a number of supposed part leaks as well as analyst predictions pertaining to Apple’s next iPad, most of which point to a redesigned exterior and enhanced internal parts.

    Recently there was a photo of what is claimed to be an “iPad 5” digitizer, published by Australian repair company, Macfixit. The alleged front panel was also seen in a video earlier this month, which had the part attached to a rear shell resembling the iPad mini’s flat design. As for the next-gen iPad mini, the report was light on specifics, only mentioning the tablet would include a high-resolution Retina display. Bloomberg may be hearing the same speculation as The Wall Street Journal, which said the same. The Wall Street Journal however added that Apple may be using LCD panels sourced from Samsung in order to meet expectedly high demand for the 7.9-inch tablet.

    We’ll see if the information holds up once Apple reveals more concrete information about the upcoming devices.

    Source: Bloomberg

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    2013-08-13 03:44 AM
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    An front facing 8 MP camera would be nice. My 3rd Gen camera is extremely grainy when doing FaceTime...
    2013-08-13 10:27 AM
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    I want an iPad with OS X thank you. If Windows can do it why not Apple? One OS across the board = win win.
    2013-08-13 03:37 PM
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    I want an iPad with OS X thank you. If Windows can do it why not Apple? One OS across the board = win win.
    To be fair, the Surface RT has a quad-core CPU and double the RAM (and in my experience, Windows still uses less RAM than OS X). It also doesn't run legacy / desktop Windows applications.

    Or do you mean you want an x86 based iPad Pro (with a cooling fan and 5 hr battery life)?
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    2013-08-13 08:30 PM
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    A somewhat scaled-down OSX could well run in a 2GB ram machine. Heck, some low-end imacs had less than that some 3 years ago and they still can run Lion. My mac pro 2006 had 1GB (upgraded on my own to 9GB), that running on 2 quad core xeons....
    2013-08-13 11:10 PM