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    As Microsoft struggles with its Surface division, the company attempts to make a bigger splash in the education segment for both its hardware and search divisions by offering schools the ability to earn free Surface RT units in exchange for regular use of its Bing search platform.

    As of right now, Microsoft is already offering its Surface RT tablet device to educational device to educational institutions for just $199, but now the software giant is giving classrooms the opportunity to earn free units by using Bing. The firm recently announced a new Bing for Schools pilot program for more than 800,000 students in the Los Angeles School District, Atlanta Public Schools, Fresno Unified School District, Detroit County Day School and a few other school districts.

    Microsoft will be providing an ad-free, privacy-enhanced Bing search experience for students and faculty. In this sense, the firm will be taking on Google, which dominates the Internet search industry in both market and mind share. The Surface RT units come in as an incentive to get students using Microsoft’s search option. Continual use of Bing generates credits for the Bing Rewards program. What Microsoft ends up doing is pooling the credits for each school and when a school reaches 30,000 credits, Microsoft sends the institution of a Surface RT unit with a capacitive Touch Cover attachment.

    Although the Surface units are only sent to schools, the rewards program is open to a wider audience, meaning that community members can put their own Bing Rewards credits toward a Surface RT unit for a particular school. Microsoft estimates that 60 regular Bing Reward users could hit 30,000 credits in about a month of use.

    This move is just the latest in Microsoft’s ongoing effort to generate interest in both the Surface platform and Bing. Bing is currently the second-most popular search engine in the United States with about 18% market share. This is pretty far from the industry leader, Google, which currently holds two-thirds of the U.S. Internet search. The Surface RT device though, has been far less successful than Microsoft’s search efforts. Despite millions spent on marketing the device, the Surface RT is largely viewed as a large failure, due in part to the device’s stuttering performance and consumer confusion over the Windows RT brand.

    Windows RT was meant to give Microsoft a foothold in the segment of devices running on low-power ARM processors, but instead it split the Windows brand between the Modern UI-based Windows RT and Windows 8, which can run apps built for previous versions of Windows. Manufacturers seem to have largely abandoned the Windows RT platform and Windows 8 PC sales have underperformed since the OS launch.

    We’ll see if the company’s current move helps Microsoft gain any ground in the market but given the statistics of Apple’s iOS devices, it doesn’t seem very likely.

    Source: Bing

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-08-21 10:23 PM
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    Getting desperate huh?? Why not just get it over with and make a deal with the devil. LOL
    2013-08-21 10:48 PM
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    Getting desperate huh?? Why not just get it over with and make a deal with the devil. LOL
    Even the devil won't make a deal with them.
    2013-08-21 11:52 PM
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    I am going to enroll in that School.
    2013-08-22 01:05 AM
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    Well here is the problem with Bing

    2013-08-22 02:06 AM
  6. LaddersRCool's Avatar
    well here is the problem with bing

    2013-08-22 02:10 AM
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    Well here is the problem with Bing

    Haha! Nice one!
    2013-08-22 02:21 AM
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    That's actually a smart move for MS. They get to claim a larger install base. People get experience with the new hardware. And they get a tax write-off for full retail value of hundreds of thousands of units they can't move retail-wise.
    2013-08-22 02:37 AM
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    Does anyone use Bing?
    iPhone 5c - iOS 7.0.4 Jailbroken
    2013-08-22 03:38 AM
  10. spectrum's Avatar
    People using bing must not have discovered Google yet.
    2013-08-22 06:06 AM
  11. smith01's Avatar
    Thats the only way for M$ to get rid of those tablets is to give them away.
    And whats the bet as soon as someone uses it and wants to do any kind of search they install Google Search.
    2013-08-22 06:58 AM
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    I always laugh at the Bing Challenge commercials because their search just moves the images to the top and people seem impressed. So the person searched tacos because they wanted to find places to eat and the top searches were just images then a little ways down was actual links to places. Google's side had the links to places first so the person can actually find places to eat not just images of the food they wanted.
    2013-08-22 07:08 AM
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    Does anyone use Bing?
    whats bing?
    2013-08-22 07:48 AM
  14. senas8's Avatar
    whats bing?
    From the makers of whats Zune?
    There is no reason to do something anonymously if it is believed to be legal and it will benefit our rights.
    2013-08-22 07:03 PM
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    I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but I use Bing, as part of my move to completely move away from Google. Call me old or tell me to put my foil hat back on, but I just don’t like the idea of Google amassing as much information as they do. Information is power, and in the internet age, that’s becoming even more true than ever. And for me, Google with their fingers into every part of people’s digital lives, I just prefer to err on the side of caution.

    But back to the story: it is an interesting move by MS as they are attacking on 2 fronts: OS/hardware with the Surface, and search with Bing. Not a bad idea. However, I’m still not a fan of Surface RT over a slightly more expensive yet much more powerful Netbook. But, they’re still better than any Chromebook!
    2013-08-22 09:09 PM
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    You don't think MS is collecting information on what you do and search? Just read their privacy notice, which for some reason they have you clicking through a few jumps to get to.

    But I know what you are talking about but there pretty much is no way around it with any of those companies.

    Microsoft Online Privacy Notice Highlights
    2013-08-23 06:13 AM
  17. CZroe's Avatar
    My nephew already got his.
    2013-08-24 04:51 AM
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    From the makers of whats Zune?
    Lmao :P Nice.
    2013-08-24 11:18 PM