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    Top tech news from down under today indicates that Australian police are putting Apple technology to good use.

    Delimiter reports that the New South Wales (NSW) police force is planning a four-week field trial of a mobile app for officers to issue traffic infringement notices.

    The app in question will be deployed in the field on "locked-down" versions of Apple’s iPad mini tablets.

    The app, called ‘Mobile Notices’, is based on an idea proposed and developed by frontline NSW Police officers, and was designed and built by Australian-based mobile application developer, Gridstone.
    The trial will play out with authorities in Sydney and a number of regional areas.

    “Not only did we need a secure connection between the mobile device and NSW Police’s backend systems, we also knew we were dealing with highly-sensitive personal information, so we had to ensure the security of the information we were recording and sending via the device,” said Lembit Pikkat, a director at Gridstone. "“The iPads are locked down, so that any information is wiped and the device reset should anyone attempt to access them without authorization."

    Source: Delimiter
    2013-09-17 07:16 PM
  2. thazsar's Avatar
    Looks like they need a fingerprint scanner!
    2013-09-17 10:37 PM
  3. smith01's Avatar
    Locked down... really?
    Give me 30 mins with it and I'll have it unlocked and access all the data I want.
    2013-09-18 07:43 AM