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    Back in September, a court gave initial approval of a settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Apple and AT&T alleging that the companies failed to live up to customer expectations with advertised data plans for 3G-capable models of the original iPad. For those of you who donít remember, at the deviceís launch, Apple touted a $29.99/month unlimited data plan through AT&T but just two months after the 3G iPad models became available AT&T discontinued the plan in favor of a capped data plan.

    The administrator handling the settlement began sending out claim forms to customers who purchased or ordered an original iPad Wi-Fi + 3G on or before June 7, 2010, allowing them to register to receive their settlement benefits. Claim forms must be filed by February 3, 2013 and the final settlement terms still need to be approved by the court. Under the terms of settlement, all US customers who purchased a 3G-capable iPad will be eligible for a $40 payment from Apple. Those customers who purchased the affected device but did not activate a data plan will be eligible for a $20 discount on AT&Tís 5 GB iPad data plan, good for one year. The current pricing for the data plan is set at $50/month, so the settlement will reduce that fee to $30/month for that one-year period.

    On the claim form, customers must attest that the ability to switch in and out of the unlimited data plan was a factor in their decision to purchase the 3G iPad. Customers are also required to provide the serial number and IMEI number for the device in order to be credited with the data plan benefit. For any customer eligible for the data plan benefit but who is no longer in possession of the affected iPad, he or she may apply the benefit to a newer iPad by submitting the serial number and IMEI number of that new device.

    Those of you who are looking for further details on the settlement and the claim forms can find information on the settlement website.

    Source: 3G Data Plan Settlement

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    2013-11-01 04:37 AM
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    I still have my $30 Unlimited plan although it's on an old iPad.
    2013-11-01 07:12 AM
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    Bought the first iPad but I ordered the wifi model because I thought I could upgrade my iPad at anytime to the wifi/3G and get the unlimited data plan. Att announces that everyone had seven days before they were going to end the unlimited plan. So I ordered another iPad with the wifi/3G so I could get the unlimited plan. I wasn't to happy but I still have the unlimited data plan for $30.00 a month!

    I am one that got the email about this however I feel Att should give out unlimited plans to the people being affected by this. I feel people are still getting ripped off because they still aren't getting what was offered at that time when they purchased their iPad. Att still charging $30.00 for 5GB for up to a year is a joke! People should get the unlimited plan that was advertised!

    This is what was stated in the message I got.

    The lawsuits claimed that iPad 3G purchasers were not provided with access to an "unlimited" data plan in the manner originally advertised by Apple and AT&T. Apple and AT&T deny all allegations and are entering into these settlements to avoid burdensome and costly litigation. The settlements are not an admission of wrongdoing.

    Apple and Att deny all allegations? OMG!
    2013-11-01 08:49 AM
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    So does that mean if I still have the original iPad and the sim that come with it do I still get the unlimited data for $30
    2013-11-01 10:28 AM
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    I have my unlimited also. It's on a 3rd gen ipad. Sure do wish I could "pause" it some times.
    2013-11-01 11:54 AM
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    So does this mean unlimited data and not unlimited speed?
    2013-11-01 04:36 PM
  7. zrevai's Avatar
    No Unlimited Data!!!

    All you can get is the $50/5GB/Month Plan and this lawsuit lets you get it at a $20 discount for up to 12 months. So for a year you get $30/5GB/Month Plan and in a year it goes back up to $50/5GB!!!
    2013-11-01 10:03 PM
  8. BhadKarma's Avatar
    Claim forms must be filed by February 3, 2013 and the final settlement terms still need to be approved by the court.
    It's November 2nd 2013.
    2013-11-02 06:42 AM
  9. Perceptum's Avatar
    It's November 2nd 2013.
    Use your brain (if you have one), it was a typo. 2014.
    2013-11-03 01:19 AM