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    Illustrating the now-inextricable link between vehicles and mobile technologies, the new Toyota 4Runner SUV (or, at least, one of them) can be controlled by Apple's iPad - or, more accurately, five of them.

    Inspired by the fact that more auto designers are capitalizing on mobile technology, Toyota recently sponsored a competition seeking the "most creative customized vehicle" for the SEMA auto aftermarket products trade show.

    Herbst Smith Fabrication took up the challenge and demonstrated how all the essential functions of the vehicle could be controlled through a smartphone or iPad.

    Consequently, one of the entries - but not the grand prize winner - was an iPad-outfitted Toyota 4Runner SUV.

    The Oakley 4Runner has a camouflage-patterned vehicle wrap, LED lights and a rugged, metal roof rack designed to electronically lower and open to store two sets of skis at the press of an iPad button. The doors, music, windows and other interior features are controlled by three separate Apple iPads. To make sure the ordinary can range into the ridiculous, the ski-oriented vehicle also has a coffeemaker, a dryer for each ski glove and boot and a mountable grill in the cargo area.
    According to USA Today, there were also two additional iPads inside, front and back, "for entertainment and navigation."

    To see a video of the vehicle in question, click here.

    Source: USA Today
    2013-11-08 08:38 PM
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    simon dumont is soo lucky to get that for free
    2013-11-09 03:01 PM