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    Apparently some Retina iPad mini are demonstrating image retention issues, as noted by Instapaper creator Marco Arment, who originally developed a grid test to detect the problem in Retina MacBook Pros. Image retention was first cited as a potential issue last week after a rumor suggested burn-in on Sharpís IGZO panels was causing production delays with the Retina miniís display, leading to significant supply constraints that have resulted in a quiet release for the tablet.

    Although itís unclear how many Retina iPad minis are affected by the issue, several mini owners on Twitter have discovered the problem after running the grid test. It isnít known if the image retention is limited to displays from specific manufacturers, as many Retina iPad minis arenít experiencing display problems. It should be pointed out that displays with image retention arenít a new problem for Apple. The original Retina MacBook Pro displays demonstrated severe image persistence problems, with remnants or previously-displayed windows remaining visible on the screen for several minutes. Itís important to note however that the image retention is temporary and not permanent like the burn-in seen with some plasma displays.

    In several normal use cases, itís unlikely that the image retention is noticeable but Retina iPad mini owners who are experiencing image retention and are still within their return windows, should get devices replaced. Apple has replaced Retina MacBook Pros experiencing display problems and itís likely that a similar policy will be adopted for Retina iPad minis experiencing similar issues.

    In addition to image retention, some consumers are noting that their Retina mini screens arenít as vibrant as the iPad Air, suggesting the Retina iPad mini may have a smaller color gamut.

    The Retina iPad mini is currently available from the Apple Online Store beginning at $399. Orders are currently shipping within 1 to 10 days in the US depending on the capacity and cellular capability and while Apple hasnít made the mini widely available in its stores, itís also available in many areas via Personal Pickup.

    Source: Marco Arment (blog), Twitter

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-11-16 05:47 AM
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    I got mine in store pick up 2nd day after the release, 128gb space gray. I love it! It's my first mini thou. No screen prob so far
    2013-11-16 01:43 PM
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    I have this on my iPhone 5S !! Whenever I speak on the phone for more than 5 minutes, such white streaks appear and fade away in an hour or so ... What is the cause ?
    2013-11-17 04:53 PM
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    I have this on my iPhone 5S !! Whenever I speak on the phone for more than 5 minutes, such white streaks appear and fade away in an hour or so ... What is the cause ?
    Ouch.... That sux! Return that mofo
    2013-11-17 07:22 PM
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    Well, that blows, but at least Apple will replace it.
    2013-11-18 12:31 AM
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    I have this issue on my iPad 2. Even a little bit of IR on my Sony Vaio (you can very faintly see a web browsers address bar even after closing it). My Samsung Plasma TV does this as well.

    Seems like Image Retention is a real PITA that manufacturers are having a hard time with.
    2013-11-21 01:47 PM