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    The Leap Motion controller originally debuted last year for all compatible Macs and PCs allowing the user to control a computer with hand gestures. The small, low-profile device connects to the computer and detects your hand in space to accurately sense the motions you are making, then translates them into actions on the computer.

    Interestingly, the company tells us that the technology will soon be available for tablets and mobile devices too. Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald announced that the technology would be available for tablets as early as Q3 or Q4 of 2014. This would mean having the power to control the mobile device without even touching it.

    Itís not known yet what platforms the mobile version of Leap Motion would support, but being that the iPad and other iOS devices run on a closed platform, itís not very likely that they would be supported out of the box. Even to use a mouse with your iOS device, you would need to jailbreak it. It's possible that a jailbreak developer could make it compatible in the future if the companies can't work together to do it on their own.

    Nonetheless, itís cool to see this technology starting to make its way to the mobile world in addition to the desktop world.

    Sources: Pocket-lint
    2013-12-10 06:12 PM
  2. BhadKarma's Avatar
    2013-12-10 08:17 PM
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    I've been thinking of buying this for a while mostly for the cool factor
    2013-12-10 08:45 PM
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    Leap motion is spreading really quickly...but sadly its not that good as it seems. Not even near. The tracking is really poor currently. Only works good with one finger, but they say they are working on a new tracking method so lets hope it gets better. +airspace (leap's appstore) is quite empty yet. Not much good apps over there.
    2013-12-10 08:50 PM
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    Can't imagine the usefulness on a tablet.. I get it on a tv.. but a tablet is handheld and too small to be using from a distance.. tablets are touchscreens.. they were designed for touching and holding not using from a distance..

    w/e typical useless selling point on androids..
    2013-12-10 09:46 PM
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    Take one from M$ kinect. Kinect 2.0 is very accurate for me.
    2013-12-12 11:15 PM