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    Apple recently confirmed that they will be taking a 30% cut of all Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions that are made on the new Office for iPad app. The app launched at a special event recently. Microsoft revealed that it is using the “freemium” sales model with the suite of productivity apps at the Office for iPad debut. When it comes to Microsoft Office, users can download the software for free but will need to pay the $99 per year fee for an Office 365 subscription to have the ability to edit documents.

    Since Apple does not earn any profit from customers who have an existing subscription or those who buy a new subscription from Microsoft’s website, they confirmed to Re/code that they would be taking the usual 30% cut of all Office 365 subscriptions bought from any Office for iPad app. Apple’s charge for all in-app sales was said to be one of the biggest issues that Microsoft had to deal with to launch Office for iPad.

    The Office productivity suite with custom-built versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel was recently released by Microsoft.

    Source: Re/code

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    2014-03-28 05:35 AM
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    Is this really anything new? Apple has always taken 30%...next story
    2014-03-28 06:10 AM
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    I don't see the big deal of office on an iPad. Pages and numbers have worked good enough for me. I'm no power user so maybe there are some hidden features in office I'm missing on my desktop PC.
    2014-03-28 06:57 AM
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    Google docs works great now
    2014-03-28 07:04 AM
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    Is this really anything new? Apple has always taken 30%...next story
    Not from subscriptions. Apple = Pig
    2014-03-28 01:53 PM
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    Be one of the first 50 people w/ an ipad to go to any Microsoft retail store and MS will give you a free one year subscription!

    ....now, we just need to figure out where the heck a Microsoft store is! I didn't even know that was a thing... LOL!
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    2014-03-28 01:58 PM
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    Thanks so much @thazsar!!! I just went to the Microsoft kiosk at the Garden State Plaza Mall, Paramus, NJ. But still it worked! All you have to do was post a pic on FB or twitter with hashtags, you can see my tweet here: http://twitter.com/DrBossMD/status/449962298866536449
    That's all! :-)

    Thanks again so much!!!


    2014-03-29 08:04 PM