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    Apple recently posted the latest installment of its “Your Verse” ad campaign, this time focusing on Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan and his day-to-day with the iPad Air. Like previous Your Verse segments, Khan’s story is painted with rich interactive Web content and text describing how the iPad Air has become an essential tool in creating unforgettable dance scenes.

    The Cupertino California company’s iPad Air with its powerful hardware, huge app library and portable design allows Khan to carry one piece of equipment where he would otherwise have to tote multiple tools. The iPad replaces a camera, binders, sketchbooks, voice recorders a laptop and loupe. Khan was quoted saying the following:

    As a Bollywood choreographer, I don't just direct dance movements. I also scout locations, help choose costumes and props, and stay in touch constantly with the team. I depend on my iPad Air for all of it.
    Khan uses apps such as Pinterest to gather inspiration for his next shoot, while more technical titles like SloPro allow enhanced on-the-spot dance recording and analysis. Instead of filming with a standard camera setup and processing at home, the choreographer can shoot dance moves at 1000 frames per second and analyze the shot frame-by-frame, sharing feedback with actors while also being on the set. The app, Artemis HD is also showcased as a time-saving tool that lets Khan view scenes with virtual analogs of cameras used by a movie’s director of photography. Khan can select the camera type and can experiment with different lens settings to collaborate on how to best capture the moment.

    Those of you interested in seeing more about the story can check it out on Apple’s dedicated Your Verse webpage.

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