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    ComiXology, the popular iOS comic book app, recently sent out emails to all of its existing customers informing them of a new DRM-free backup download service for content from certain publishers within their network. Going forward, comics from the following companies are available to download without DRM restrictions:

    • Dynamite Entertainment
    • Image
    • IDW Publishing
    • MonkeyBrain Comics
    • Thrillbent
    • Top Shelf Productions
    • Zenescope Entertainment

    Furthermore, comiXology Submit artists will also be given the option to opt-in to the service if they want to. The list of publications that are currently supporting the feature is expected to grow as an increasing number of publications continue to join the DRM-free bandwagon. That being said, convincing the big names such as Marvel and DC to go down the same path won't be an easy argument.

    The comic book app company also ended up updating their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage for the new program. As noted by the updated page, customers who already purchased digital copies of books that are now DRM-free will be given the option to download a copy of their purchased book as a PDF or CBZ file. Users are provided a list of books that support the DRM-free backup on the company's website in the "My Backups" tab of the "My Books" area, for those of you who might need help when it comes to identifying which books may be included as part of the new feature.

    It should be noted that not all parts of the new features are worth getting excited about. One of the drawbacks to this download service is that both PDF and CBZ files can’t be used in the comiXology’s Comics app. This means that the company’s proprietary “Guided View” reader technology won’t be available in this particular scenario.

    Typically, stripping DRM is a huge move that almost always angers publishers and content owners in any industry (not just the comic book one), so it isn't much of a surprise to only see a few publishers on board with the pro-consumer idea. The move does go to show that comiXology does listen to its users and is working towards the right direction. Are any of you comiXology users and fans excited about the new announcement?

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    2014-07-25 10:59 PM