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    New photos of the rear shell of Apple’s upcoming iPad Air released by Taiwanese company Yi Lin Enterprises on Weibo, have been circulating the web. The pictures have design changes including a relocated microphone next to the camera lens and a redesigned speaker grille. The photo also shows the iPad Air with gold casing, a color which was not previously available on iPads. Not much else can be determined from the alleged photos, other than confirmation that the next generation iPad Air is coming soon.

    Photos released last month showed the upcoming device sporting a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, an A8 processor, and changed volume buttons. It has been said that the upcoming iPad Air 2 will be released simultaneously to the iPad Mini 3 sometime late 2014. Consumers can expect a faster and physically refined iPad Air 2 when it launches. Other rumors of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro have been surfacing the web, however, reports are claiming that the larger tablet may be put on hold until further notice.

    We’ll have to wait and see what turns out to be true and what remains a rumor as the speculation continues.

    Source: Weibo via Yi Lin
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    looks thick
    2014-08-05 01:20 AM
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    Aaaaand the speaker is still mono and on the bottom...
    Not interested in the slightest.
    2014-08-05 08:50 AM