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    According to a recent report from The Information, Apple reportedly had discussions with HP over a mobile search product dubbed “Enterprise Siri” before announcing an enterprise partnership with IBM. The report detailed “Enterprise Siri” as a product designed to allow employees to securely obtain company information on their personal device.

    It was reported that HP was supposedly in talks with Google’s Android units for the past year over a potential enterprise version of Google Now for corporate data. HP was pegged for being in discussions with both Apple and Google simultaneously before Apple’s decision to go with IBM. Since Apple signed a deal with IBM to help it grow its enterprise market, a deal between Google and HP is becoming increasingly likely. The move would allow Google to gain some market share in the space, which might be good for market competition and growth of features for end-users as the two tech giants strive to bring customers the best.

    Apple’s partnership with IBM has the potential to further improve Apple’s sales in the enterprise market despite its already dominant lead. IBM is to develop more than 100 industry-specific native apps that are built from scratch for iOS devices to help attract new customers in various industries. The company has also been said to offer iOS devices to its corporate customers with plans of providing cloud storage, analytics services and 24/7 assistance to enterprise customers under a new AppleCare plan. All of these offerings could really make Apple stand out and be more appealing.

    As of right now, the first set of IBM created apps are said to be released this upcoming Fall with additional apps scheduled to be released next year.

    Source: The Information via BusinessInsider
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