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    Re/code’s Walt Mossberg recently shared a snippet of an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who made a statement on the recent state of the tablet market. For those of you who didn’t already know, the tablet market has recently been on a decline. Cook states the dip in iPad sales over the past quarters is just a “speed bump” for Apple. Mossberg mentioned the following regarding the matter in his piece:

    In a brief interview about tablets I had this week with Apple CEO Tim Cook, he said, "We couldn't be happier with how we've done with the first four years of the iPad," and added that, "I'd call what's going on recently a speed bump, and I've seen that in every category."
    Cook previously announced that iPad sales were 13.3 million, down from 14.6 million in the year-ago quarter in his third quarter earnings call. The drop was followed a sales dip from Q2 that saw sales of 16.35 million down from the 19.5 in Q2 of 2013. During the call, Cook also highlighted overall sales of more than 225 million iPads over the course of the last four years and suggested the tablet market itself was still “in its infancy.” Cook continued by saying “significant innovation can be brought to the iPad,” pointing towards plans to bring improvements to the iPad lineup. The plans vary, including rumors of a larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro and other hardware improvements such as ultra-high definition display.

    The Cupertino California company isn’t the only company that is seeing a decrease in tablet sales. Mossberg noted that both Microsoft and Samsung have also been experiencing less sales. It’s possible that it’s due to the fact that consumers don’t need to upgrade their tables that often. Alternatively, it could also be due to the fact that tablets might be seen as a luxury item instead of a necessity.

    We’ll have to see what Apple does to turn around the lackluster sales numbers. Cook apparently seems to be confident so Apple may be hiding some information that will really prove to be useful and hard-selling.

    Source: Re/code via MacRumors

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    2014-08-27 05:29 AM
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    How about shave off $150 from all iPad prices? That'll get them moving. Those things are crazy-expensive.
    2014-08-29 05:05 AM