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    If you love the way that Notification Center looks in OS X Yosemite and wish that you could make Notification Center look the same way on your large-displayed iPad, you can use a new jailbreak tweak called Centrum by iOS developer TheNinjaprawn to do just that.

    Shown above, Centrum makes Notification Center open at the side of the display, just like it would on Mac OS X Yosemite. There is still two tabs in Notification Center Today and Notifications, and they work exactly the same way as they would if you were opening Notification Center normally by dragging down from the top of the display.

    With Centrum installed, you will have to swipe in from the side of the display to open Notification Center. You can choose which side of the display that Notification Center appears on, and you will have to swipe on whichever side of the display that you have Notification Center configured to appear on. The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can choose whether you want to use either the left or right side of the display, as well as enable or disable the tweak on demand:

    A respring button is included in the top left of the preferences pane that you can use to save the changes that you make to the preferences pane.

    The developer credits Evan Luther for conceptualizing the design of this jailbreak tweak.

    Centrum is compatible with all iOS 7 and iOS 8 iPads, whether it's an iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad Air, or some other kind of iPad. If you want to give Centrum a try, it's available right now in Cydia's BigBoss repository for just 99.

    Name: Centrum
    Price: 99
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-8.1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: TheNinjaprawn
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
    2014-11-26 05:04 PM