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    A new iPad Air 2 advertisement titled “Change” was recently released by Apple, and the Cupertino-based company focused on the tablet’s usage in different situations. The ad is used to show off the flexibility of the iPad Air 2, just like Apple’s previous ‘Your Verse’ campaign. Photographers, teachers, artists, and motorcycle enthusiasts are shown using the iPad in the Apple ad. ‘Change’ was also added onto Apple’s website showing consumers the apps used in the one-minute ad. Some of the apps used include AutoCAD 360, OBD Fusion, Tayasui Sketches, and iStopMotion.

    The background song used was The Orwells’ “Who Needs You.” The interesting part of the advertisement was the fact that you saw people from all different cultures and professions using the iPad Air 2. The diverse way in using the tablet is definitely what grabs the audience’s attention. Apple’s iPad Air 2 was released not too long ago, and many people may not even realize what the tablet can do. With the previous ‘Your Verse’ campaign and latest ad, consumers will be able to see the many other uses Apple’s iPad can be used for.

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