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    2014 was a remarkable year of growth for Apple in many ways, but iPad sales and the tablet's rate of innovation were largely underwhelming in the eyes of consumers and investors alike.

    So will 2015 represent an entirely new beginning for Apple in its tablet business?

    The newest forecasts from market intelligence firm ABI Research indicate that tablet growth is expected to resume and continue over the next 5 years with a forecast of nearly 290 million tablet shipments in 2019.

    What this means for Apple, however, isn't exactly certain yet.

    ABI Research predicts the iPad reached nearly 68 million units sales in 2014, compared to just over 74 million shipped in 2013.

    "The tablet outlook for 2015 paints a better picture for OEMs," ABI says, noting that worldwide branded shipments will grow 16% year-over-year to 194 million.

    While ABI says Apple will likely "reverse" its iPad misfortunes in 2015, many analysts believe Apple will need to refresh its tablet with some nifty new bells and whistles to make the iOS tablet sexy again.

    Source: ABI
    2015-01-06 02:21 AM