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    Despite having launched an iOS app more than two years ago, Khan Academy didn’t previously offer the full range of course material on mobile devices. A recent update has completely changed the experience – users are now able to access the full Khan Academy experience. In addition to the session videos, users can now choose from more than 150,000 interactive math exercises with immediate feedback and hints for those who get stuck.

    The new update also offers some slate-specific tools including handwriting recognition and a “friendly guide” that observes your response time to suggest activities that will help you get better at the tough questions. Furthermore, everything will synchronized with the KhanAcademy.org website so users can go back and forth between their tablet and their Mac/PC if they wish to.

    Those of you interested in downloading version 2.0 of the Khan Academy app can do so for free from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes via Khan Academy (blog)

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    2015-01-21 05:30 PM