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    A new leaked design rendering is showing that Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini 4 will be the thinnest yet, putting it on par with the company’s iPad Air 2. The leaked CAD drawing was from @OnLeaks and could possibly be just 6.1mm thick. The current iPad Mini is 7.5mm thick, making it 1.4mm thicker than the rumored upcoming device. Apparently the new iPad Mini will have a similar feel and look as the iPad Air 2. You can view the mockup iPad Mini 4 video below:

    This is not the first report claiming the upcoming iPad Mini will be thinner and follow the look/design of the iPad Air 2. Other than having some external upgrades, it will have upgraded internal changes as well so that it is more like the iPad Air 2. Some features it might copy include an 8-megapixel rear iSight camera, an A8 processor, and 802.11ac WiFi, and 2GB of RAM. @OnLeaks is typically considered a reliable source as it has been pretty accurate in the past with information regarding the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.

    Rumors have been circulating the Internet claiming Apple will be holding an event on September 9th again this year. There was also news stating the company will be announcing their upcoming iPads as well at the same event. However, it isn’t usual for the Cupertino-based company to announce both the iPhone and iPad at the same event. Apple typically waits until October to hold a second event for their tablets. Nothing has yet to be confirmed, so we will have to wait and see which of the rumors are true.

    Again, like we always say, take all these rumors with a grain of salt as you never know which is true and which isn’t until the company itself announces it.

    Source: @OnLeaks via Twitter

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2015-08-10 11:32 PM